New survey says not a single UK motorist plans to buy an electric car

No buyers in the UK for electric cars

No buyers in the UK for electric cars

A new survey of 12,000 UK motorists by Trend Tracker finds not a single motorist is planning on buying an electric car.

Our stance on the futility of pursuing electric cars (EV)  as a replacement for ICE cars is well known, but it seems that the great British motoring public feel exactly the same.

A survey by Trend Tracker of 12,000 UK motorists – in face-to-face interviews – reveals that not a single motorist is considering buying an electric car when they next replace their current car.

Sensibly, UK motorists seem far more interested in cutting their motoring costs than taking on old technology at stupid prices, although a number were interested in hybrids and even plug-in hybrids – although even those numbers were very small.

Trend Tracker say that most car buyers want to reduce their emissions, although its not clear whether that means emissions of the stuff that matters – NOx and Particulates – or the stuff that doesn’t – like CO2.

With 45% of buyers opting for petrol-engined cars and 42% for diesel it’s clear that new ‘Eco’ technologies don’t feature too highly, despite the wish to be less polluting.

Of the 12,000 participants in the survey, just 2% said they would opt for an electric-hybrid, but not a single one for a pure electric vehicle.

The results of the survey are backed-up by the latest figures for car sales in the UK which show just 670 electric cars found buyers in the first half of 2011, with the vast majority of those going to fleet buyers.

That is pretty much in line with our report back in July that in the first three months of 2011 just 50 electric cars were sold to private buyers in the UK.

And how many of those would actually have found homes without the £5k bribe?

Source: Trend Tracker

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  1. says

    The electric car is the way of the future, not killing the planet with oil that is burning the atmosphare every day, day in and year out.

    You see, we are killing the planet. These oil companies are just there for the money because at the end of day the world is at stake.

    May be they are to dear to buy. The reason why this is they want you and me to go out and buy a petrol car and not one that is friendly to the environment.

    Now we are getting warmer weather, have a think about it and we should not be.

    The oil companies dont care as long as we keep them going buying oil for our cars.

    J. Diamond.

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