Pagani Huayra on sale in the U.S.? We don’t think so.

Pagani Huayra USA

Pagani Huayra - not bound for the USA any time soon

We’ve been hearing for some time that the Pagani Huayra is nowhere near ready to be federalised. Will the Pagani Huayra ever be legal in the U.S.? We don’t think so.

When Horacio Pagani presented the Pagani Huayra to the world, the world let out a collective Gallic shrug. What was this generic supercar from the builder of the Zonda? Surely Pagani can’t seriously be offering the Huayra as a replacement for the Zonda?

To be fair to Pagani, the Huayra is a grower and it is better looking in the flesh than in many of the pictures. And it’s more grown-up and generic-looking because Horacio Pagani wants the Huayra to be a world car. The USA is his big target, but our sources are saying that target is a long way off being hit.

We’ve been talking to a number of sources over the last few months, and we’ve discovered that things are not as straightforward as Pagani are portraying. Not by a long way.

We’ve spoken to a source in the US connected to the DOT who says that Pagani has not yet started the process of application to have the Huayra federalised. Which as that is a far from short process does make us wonder how Pagani can be taking orders for the Huayra in the US and promising year end (that’s year-end 2011) delivery. We’ve spoken to one guy expecting his Huayra this year after paying a six-figure deposit to a Pagaini dealer in the US.

We think Pagani has been procrastinating on the DOT stuff in the hope it can get exemptions for the Huayra, one of which is a Temporary Exemption from Advanced Air Bag Requirements. But the application for Pagani to be exempt has now been refused by the DOT, making the sale of the Huayra in the U.S. impossible.

The application for exemption was made on the basis that complying with the regulations would cause Pagani undue hardship. But the DOT has refused the application, which will mean a lengthy process of developing and testing more advanced air bags for the Huayra. The big problem with that is that the DOT will require actual crash-testing without the exemption, and we don’t think Pagani can fund that.

We’ve also learnt – thanks to the DOT application for exemption – that Pagani first made this application back in 2007, but has subsequently requested delays until it had the Huayra ready. Pagani say in its petition to the DOT that they hope to produce 35-45 Huayras a year and sell between 6 and 12 in the US.

We’ve learnt that Pagani made net income of between €13k a year and €832k a year between 2004 and 2010. Pagani say a refusal to allow the airbag exemption for the Huayra would mean a loss of income of €3 million between 2011 and 2014.

Interestingly, the DOT documents also state that Pagani says it only operates on a cash in hand basis and has no lines of credit, which supports the long-held belief that Pagani can only build a car once it’s secured a deposit on a car scheduled for later production.

Despite earlier assertions from Pagani that they are building a new factory to produce the Huayra, we knew they hadn’t got much past drawings. The DOT documents confirm that without the exemption the new factory won’t be built and the Huayra will likely be produced in similar numbers to the Zonda.

All of which is a big blow for Pagani. Will their US dealers now refund deposits taken in the US? Are those deposits even being held by the dealers, or have they been remitted to Pagani? And if they have been remitted to Pagani, can Pagani repay them?

All the problems with taking the Huayra to the US are bad enough for Pagani, but we were told just last month by a well-connected source that not a single confirmed order for the Huayra has been made in the UK.

Could the Huayra, rather than being a bright new dawn for Pagani, in fact be its downfall?

We’ll soon see.

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  1. florenceanddougal says

    if all it takes to make line3 feel ill is a story on pagani he doesnt agree with we think he needs serious help

  2. Dteamer says

    I’m with Oblivious. I can’t see anything wrong with this story at all. Either line3 IS Horacio Pagani or he needs to go visit a site that just rehashes press release and has no opinion. Sad little comments.

  3. Oblivious says

    Who’s line3? Horacio Pagani’s big sister?! Seems perfectly reasonable to question why Pagani are taking orders for cars they can’t deliver. Makes a change from car journalists sucking up!

    • CarsUK says

      So reporting the facts of the DOT exemption rejection (probably before anyone else, we think) and having an opinion makes us ‘Rubbish Journos?.

      We can live with that. It’s what we should be doing.

      • line3 says

        … what you should be doing?
        You make me ill.
        “we’ve been hearing …” gossip?
        “nowhere near ready” wrong.
        “ever be legal” wrong again.
        And a condescending “We don’t think so”.
        The only “before everyone else” was that you were basically wrong; everyone else was working out why Pagani was confident enough to be launching.
        The only thing you were factually correct about was DOT exemption rejection.
        The rest was unsubstantiated stuff you “heard” and obviously didn’t check.
        Why are you on the face of this earth you smart-alecs; what do you contribute exactly …?
        Lousey amateurish stuff Cars UK.

        • CarsUK says

          Interesting opinion. All facts checked. We’ve known for months that the DOT exemption was almost certain to fail.

          You may not like us pointing this out – for whatever reason – but it is entirely reasonable for us to do so and to ask why Pagani are offering for sale through their dealers in the US cars they cannot deliver.

        • rubbermonkey says

          Considering you are top journalists it would also be reasonable to believe that you would rectify your article after the official position from Pagani has come up on other channels.

          Also: “We’ve spoken to a source in the US connected to the DOT who says that Pagani has not yet started the process of application to have the Huayra federalised”

          Here in the US there is no such thing as “process of application to get a car federalized”.

  4. Percy says

    Surely this can’t be right? Can Pagani be this silly? I rather agree that if this is true it could finish them. That and the better Aventador at a fraction of the price.

  5. Oblivious says

    Is this for real? Aren’t Pagani busy doing a meet and greet for wealthy US buyers this week? Surely they must have known this was coming?

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