There will NOT be a ‘Super’ LaFerrari after all

We reported at the weekend that Ferrari are planning a ‘Super’ LaFerrari to sit above the latest supercar from Maranello. But it’s NOT true.

Photo LaFerrari Shanghai

We were more than a little surprised to hear over the weekend that Ferrari are planning a ‘Super’ LaFerrari with less weight, more power and a very big price tag. It seemed a cynical move to cash in on the sort of market Lamborghini embraces with silly cars like the Veneno. But it’s not true.

Ferrari has been on the phone this morning to explain that the man from Autocar who spoke to LaFerrari’s chief designer, Flavio Manzoni, got hold of entirely the wrong end of the stick when discussing the design elements Ferrari didn’t use on LaFerrari.

It seems Manzoni was explaining that during the design process for LaFerrari there were many design elements that couldn’t be included on LaFerrari, but were so good they wanted to keep them for use on future Ferraris. That was seized upon as confirmation that Ferrari were planning a ‘Super’ LaFerrari to sit above the new supercar at an even more extreme price. Easily done, but it’s not the case.

Ferrari have told us this morning, categorically, that they have no plans for a model to sit above LaFerrari and that such a model is not under discussion. Which is about as definitive a denial as you’ll ever get.

The news that there isn’t going to be a ‘Super’ LaFerrari after all will please the 499 buyers who’ve already signed up and, although producing ten cars at anything up to £5 million each may have been a useful cash cow for Ferrari, they will not be going that route.

Which is good to hear.

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