“War on Motorists over” – Philip Hammond

The War on Motorists

Philip Hammond vows to end the War on Motorists

New Secretary of State for Transport Philip Hammond has vowed to end the ‘War on Motorists’.

Now there’s a damn fine start to Philip Hammond’s stint as Secretary of State for Transport – the end of the Government war on motorists. It’s also a good headline for the Tories, but what’s the meat? Actually, quite promising.

Philip has announced that there will be an end to funding speed cameras. That doesn’t mean they will go away – local councils will still be free to have them – but any money raised would go to the Treasury – a big disincentive.

Philip also said that there will be no ‘pay-as-you-drive’ implemented for roads during the duration of this Parliament, although he did say he backed tolls for new roads which could mean more privately built roads like the M6 extension. With which we have no problem at all.

Other areas to be targeted are rogue clampers and a scheme to make foreign lorries pay to use UK roads is being explored.

Good start, Philip. Keep it up. We’ll be watching.

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