Will the Maserati Kubang SUV arrive as the Maserati Cinqueporte?

Maserati Kubang SUV or Maserati Cinqueporte

Will the Maserati Kubang SUV arrive as the Maserati Cinqueporte

Maserati appears to have registered the name ‘Cinqueporte’ with the Patent Office in Europe. Does that mean the Kubang SUV will be the Maserati Cinqueporte.

The idea of a Maserati SUV may be anathema to many, but it’s a reality, as we saw at Frankfurt last month with the public debut of the Maserati Kubang.

The Kubang moniker is a re-use of a Maserati concept name from a few years ago, but it’s an ugly name nonetheless. But it may not be the name Maserati actually uses on its SUV.

It’s reported that Maserati has just filed a patent application in Europe for the name ‘Cinqueporte’ which, logic says, will probably be used for a five door car.

As far as we know, Maserati has no plans to turn any of their current crop of cars in to a swoopy estate, so the only realistic use for the Cinqueporte name – unless Maserati has something it’s managed to keep to itself planned – is to stick the Cinqueporte on the back of the Maserati SUV.

Although Maserati Five Door is a pretty odd name to attach to a car, in Italian it works. And it sounds far more elegant than Kubang.

But whether the Maserati SUV arrives as the Kubang or the Cinqueporte, it will be a proper Maserati under the skin, complete with an engine built by Ferrari and based on the underpinnings of the very impressive new Grand Cherokee.

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