2014 VW Golf R Mk 7 teased ahead of Geneva debut

Volkswagen has started the tease for the Mk 7 Golf R with the new Golf R hidden in a block of ice as a ‘Frozen Beast’ ahead of a Geneva 2013 debut.

image 2014 VW Golf R Mk 7 teased

Now that Volkswagen has the Mk7 Golf in the wild – and the MK 7 VW GTi too – they’re ready to turn the wick up to 11 with the launch of the MK 7 Golf R – or at least the concept version – at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. And now they’re starting to tease.

The new Golf R is shown on a splash page on VW’s German web site, encased in a block of ice with a timer counting down to two weeks time when we expect VW will reveal exactly what the new Golf R has to offer.

The recipe for the new Golf R looks likely to be much the same as the old Golf R, with all wheel drive offering excellent traction for the power delivered by the new EA888 engine from Audi, expected to yield around 280bhp and driven to the wheels through either a 6-speed manual or DSG ‘box.

Body modifications for the new Golf R will be subtle by most standards, with a low-key body kit adding purpose, bespoke alloys, twin tailpipes and a smattering of ‘R’ logos.

Despite a reveal of the new Golf R in a couple of weeks, we’re expecting VW to bill this as the ‘Concept’ Golf R, with the production Golf R arriving in September at Frankfurt before going on sale in early 2014.

More on the new Golf R when VW breaks it out of its ice block.

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