Aston Martin Rapide Review – the video

Aston Martin Rapide Valencia

The Aston Martin Rapide in Valencia - possibly

We have video of the Aston Martin Rapide in the foothills of Valencia, where the world’s motoring press have been reviewing and road testing Aston Martin’s new 4-door saloon.

Last week we ran a report on our Aston Martin Rapide Review. As you’ll know if you read it – despite it being a review – we hadn’t actually been to Valencia with Aston Martin to play with the Rapide. But looking at the reviews that have come along since we seemed to be in line with everyone else. For the very reasons we stated in the original Rapide review story.

So in an effort to be as comprehensive as possible we’ve managed to get hold of video of the guys at Motor Authority driving round the hills near Valencia in one of the cars Aston Martin supplied for testing. Complete with UK number plates it’s basically tracking footage of the Rapide as it winds its way through great Spanish countryside in winter sunshine.

The footage is B-Roll stuff, which basically means tracking shots used to fill in commentary and will be edited in to the final video. But it does give you a very good idea of how elegant the Rapide looks on the road, even though it’s a stretched DB9, which could have made it rather ungainly.

As we said in the original review, once the Rapide is knocking around in the UK we’ll be able to do a comprehensive Rapide Review.

Until then, enjoy the Rapide video.

Aston Martin Rapide Review Video

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