March 2, 2015

BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid for Geneva

The new 2010 / 2011 BMW 5 Series (pictured). There will be an ActiveHybrid version at Geneva

The new 2010 / 2011 BMW 5 Series (pictured). There will be an ActiveHybrid version at Geneva

BMW are intending revealing a 5 Series ActiveHybrid at the Geneva Motor Show in the new year, together with the 1 Series ActiveE Electric.

With all things ‘Green’ being the flavour of the day, it should be no surprise that BMW appears to be preparing an ActiveHybrid 5 Series for unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show. After all, we already have the 7 Series ActiveHybrid and the X6 ActiveHybrid so we know which direction BMW are heading. That’s right, cover all the bases; hybrid, electric…

This will be the first hybrid version of the new 5 Series and will differ from the X6 and 7 Series hybrids because it will not use the V8 but will instead use a 6-pot delivering 218bhp coupled to an electric motor which adds a further 40bhp.

You can expect to see some of the usual ‘Eco’ stuff on the 5 Series ActiveHybrid such as lowered ride height, an aerodynamic tweak or three and different wheels and tyres. And actually, these mild hybrids from BMW do seem to offer the best of both worlds with their improved economy and performance that comes in far above the engine fitment.

BMW are said to be ready to deliver a few ‘Surprises’ at Geneva. so there could be more to come. We already know they’ll be bringing along the 1 Series ActiveE Electric and now the 5 Series ActiveHybrid. Could we also see the new BMW M1?

Source: BMW Blog

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