January 29, 2015

2014 MINi Countryman gets a facelift to bring it closer to the new MINI Hatch

Photo 2014 MINI Countryman Facelift

The MINi Countryman is getting a small facelift for 2014/2015 as MINI refreshes its ‘big’ MINI to make it look a little more like the new MINI Hatch. The MINI that’s far from mini – the MINI Countryman – is getting a bit of a refresh for 2014 with a minor facelift to take it […]

Next generation MINI Countryman to arrive in 2016

Photo MINI Countryman

It looks like the next generation MINI Countryman will arrive in 2016 after MINI announced its contract with Magna Steyr will end then. We’ve recently had the arrival of the all new MINI, and the next year or so will see the roll-out of a succession of takes on the new MINI. But that process […]

MINI Countryman Cooper & Paceman Cooper get ALL4 4WD

Photo MINI Countryman Cooper

MINI is extending the availability of its 4WD ALL4 platform for the Countryman range with the Countryman Cooper and Paceman Cooper getting the ALL4 option. We always find it astonishing that car makers ‘ration’ the availability of four wheel drive platforms in their cars, usually citing a ‘lack of demand’. But that lack of demand […]

MINI Countryman to be built in India

Photo MINI Countryman and Elephant India

BMW has revealed that, a year after sales of the MINI started in India, production of the MINI Countryman will commence in Chennai later in 2013. Whatever you may think of the plethora of MINI spin-offs since BMW grabbed MINI more than a  decade ago, no one can deny that the Germans have had even more success with […]

MINI John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4 Dakar Limited Edition

MINI John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4 Dakar picture

It’s another MINI limited edition model – the MINI John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4 Dakar – this time to celebrate MINI’s Dakar successes. We all know MINI loves a special edition, and it’s got to the point where there seem to be more ‘special edition’ and ‘limited edition’ MINI’s rolling out of showrooms than the bog standard […]

MINI JCW Countryman – this is the ‘Unexpected’ +video

MINI JCW Countryman Birdman

We had a marketing video for the MINI John Cooper Works Countryman recently telling us to expect the unexpected. This video is the unexpected. MINI marketing doesn’t come out of the box marked ‘Traditional Car Promotions’. Love it or hate it, MINI marketing comes very much from left-field, and the marketing for the new MINI […]

MINI Countryman Coupe to be production version of MINI Paceman

MINI Countryman Coupe

It looks like the production version of the MINI Paceman Concept is going to be the MINI Countryman Coupe. Yes, it is hard to keep track of MINI’s models, never mind their never ending concepts. Despite that you may remember the MINI Paceman that arrived at Detroit last year and which, at the time, we […]

MINI John Cooper Works Countryman: The mad MINI marketing begins +video

MINI John Cooper Works Countryman

With the debut of the MINI John Cooper Works Countryman at Geneva 2012, MINI starts its marketing with another off-beat video. If there’s one things that’s a certainty in the world of MINI – apart from a new variant every four days – is that any new launch gets promoted with slightly bizarre videos. And […]

MINI Countryman JCW revealed

Red MINI Countryman John Cooper Works

The MINI Countryman John Cooper Works has been revealed ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. We had MINI teasing with a glimpse of the MINI Countryman JCW playing in the snow back in December, with a few bits of camouflage tape obscuring the money shot. And now we learn that just about all […]

MINI Countryman JCW teased – heading for Geneva 2012

MINI Countryman JCW tease

MINI has started the tease for the most powerful Countryman – the MINI Countryman JCW – which will debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. It’s not exactly a surprise that the MINI Countryman JCW is on the way. After all, MINI will never knowingly miss a niche sale, so producing a John Cooper Works […]

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