Ferrari FF gets 875bhp with E85 conversion

Ferrari FF E85 Conversion

Ferrari FF E85 conversion gets 875bhp

If the performance of the Ferrari FF with 650bhp isn’t enough for you, how about a bio-ethanol (E85) conversion with 875bhp?

Despite Ferrari anoraks claiming the Ferrari FF isn’t a real Ferrari, we think it’s stunning. With a glorious V12 producing 650bhp, 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds, room for four – and their luggage – and a go-anywhere 4WD system, we think it’s a masterpiece. But for some, the power could do with a bit of a tweak and the CO2 emissions – an important consideration for others – are not exactly ‘Eco’. But there is an answer.

A chat with one of Cars UK’s advertisers this week has revealed a very special conversion kit available for the FF, which allows it to run on bio-ethanol (E85). Which sounds, at first, like adding an LPG tank to your shiny new FF, something most owners would run a mile from. But it’s not like that at all.

The conversion to allow the Ferrari FF to run on E85 costs a measly €1500 and, as far as we can work out, is something Ferrari are cool about, as the Ferrari FF conversion we’ve learnt about was actually done by a Ferrari dealer. And as far as we can see, there is no downside.

The conversion to E85 yields an incredible 875bhp from the Ferrari V12, and although no performance tests have yet been done the expectation is an improvement of up to 20 per cent in 0-62mph performance. If true, that would drop the FF’s 0-62mph time down below 3 seconds – a truly remarkable figure.

But the benefits don’t stop there. In case you’re of an ‘Eco’ persuasion the emissions from the FF running on E85 are apparently 80 per cent less than the FF running on unleaded. On unleaded the FF emits 360g/km, which means on E85 it will be emitting under 100g/km. Hard to believe.

At €1500 the cost of the E85 conversion for the Ferrari FF is less than the cost of almost any of the options you could specify from Ferrari. If you want the performance bargain of a lifetime for your Ferrari FF, you should probably contact The Car Finders.

We would – if we had a Ferrari FF. Which, sadly, we don’t.

Disclaimer: The Car Finders is a Cars UK advertiser, but this is NOT a paid for story. Just an interesting story.

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  1. Environment friendly ! says

    Wow !
    You can drive as much as you like, since 85 % of the fuel comes from corn or sugercane !
    Higher fuel consumption ? Forget it !
    Consumes as much petrol as a small car + the etanol. It´s OK.!
    The sugercane production means landgrabbing, destroyed biodiversity, water shortage etc.
    No problemo !

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