Gemballa MIG-U1 Enzo – details revealed

The Gemballa MIG-U1

The Enzo Ferrari based Gemballa MIG-U1

Gemballa has now sent us details of the Enzo based Gemballa MIG-U1, a 700bhp modified Ferrari Enzo.

Just before Christmas a set of pictures of a Ferrari Enzo dropped in to our inbox. They turned out to be pictures of a modified Enzo created by Porsche specialist Gemballa and looked very appealing – although probably not to Ferrari aficionados who would no doubt think the Gemballa-ised Enzo to be sacrilege.

But we didn’t have much detail on the Gemballa MIG-U1 (for that is the catchy little moniker Uwe Gemballa had attached to his Enzo creation) save what we could see. But that’s all changed as Gemballa has sent us the detail which we’re pleased to see – in true Gemballa tradition – includes a power hike.

The new front skirt on the MIG-U1 generates an extra 35kg of downforce and the active flap on the redesigned rear spoiler generates an extra 85kg. All four wheels now get additional ducting for cooling. There are new ducts behind the doors to feed fresh air in to the engine, which has been tweaked to deliver 700bhp, up from the standard 659bhp.

The MIG-U1 is also wider than the standard Enzo – 80mm at the front and 100mm at the back (the damn thing was wide enough anyway) and gets shod with 19″ rims at the front and 20″ rims at the back. But to make it more usable you can also opt for a lifting system so the Gemballa Enzo can cope with that bane of urban motoring in Supercars – the speed hump.

Inside the Enzo gets re-trimmed and comes with a host of modern multi media kit including 7″ touch screen, SatNav, DVD, iPod connection and a 950w Amp.

This Gemballa Enzo won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is an impressive effort from Gemballa. Maybe they’re finally running out of Carrera GTs to modify which is why they’ve turned their attention to the Enzo. Mind you, with only 399 Enzos made and Gemballa intending producing 25 MIG-U1s they may struggle to find enough donor cars at sensible money.

Talking of sensible money, we have no idea what Gemballa wants for the MIG-U1. But it won’t be cheap.

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