Is this the Jaguar SUV? Or maybe a Jaguar XF ‘Allroad’?

Back of what could be a Jaguar SUV Crossover

Is this a new Jaguar SUV / Crossover?

We have a spy shot from the Discovery Owners Club showing a camouflaged Jaguar. Is this the Jaguar SUV, or a Jaguar XF ‘Allroad’ Crossover?

We know Tata are doubling their annual investment in Jaguar Land Rover, so we can expect more new models from JLR on the horizon, just like the new Jaguar XF Sportbrake due to debut at Geneva next month.

But also in the mix is a Jaguar SUV – something Adrian Hallmark would like to see – even if it might step a bit on the toes of Land Rover. But is the spy photo above – taken by a member of the Discovery Owners Club – the first sighting of the Jaguar SUV on the road?

Frankly, although that’s the question the DOC is asking, it seems to be riding too low to be a Jaguar SUV. At first look we thought it might just be another spy shot of the Sportbrake, but a closer look shows this Jaguar has much bigger hips than the Sportbrake, and the lights – even though disguised – seem different.

Maybe we’re seeing something that’s not there, or maybe this is Jaguar’s rufty-tufty XF Sportbrake – the Jaguar XF ‘Allroad’ Crossover, for want of a better moniker? Whatever this Jaguar is, it seems to be running the 3.0 litre turbo diesel lump

What do you think? Are we seeing something that’s not there, or is this a new Jaguar SUV or XF Sportbrake?

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  1. Rich says

    It IS the Sportbrake. It came past me on the Fosse Way, near Coventry around midday on 25th Feb. It even has “Sportbrake” written on the side, just to avoid confusion…

    • Cars UK says

      Interesting. We’ve seen the Sportbrake a few times with VX61 BVY plate, and a black one with a different plate. But we’ve never seen this car before. Are you sure it was the same reg no.?

      • Rich says

        It was this car without a doubt.

        I’m a big Jaguar fan, so it puzzled me for a moment, especially with the strange camouflage (the front is standard colour!). I came out of Compton Verney and followed it towards Coventry for about 5 miles. It then turned around at a crossroads and went back the other way.

        I guessed it was a development mule of some sort but I didn’t know what for.

  2. Percy says

    Seems too bulbous to be a beefed up XF Estate. It’s quite Cayenne looking from this angle, sort of Cayenne on its lowest suspension setting.

  3. PhilipJH says

    Definitely looks chunkier at the back. I’d opt for this being a high-riding version of the XF Sportbrake with the sort of cosmetic add ons we see in the Audi Allroad and VW Alltrack.

  4. Stretch22 says

    Sorry, can’t decide. This could just be an illusion (the wider back end), but maybe not. I’d like to think you’re right and this is a Jaguar SUV but I’m not convinced.

  5. Tramp12 says

    Agreed it looks like a Sportbrake but with a wider track. If Jaguar are going the route of an SUV won’t they choose the crossover route rather than a tall, boxy SUV? This could be it.

What do you think?