Mercedes C63 AMG DR 520 revealed

The Mercedes C63 AMG DR 520

The Mercedes C63 AMG DR 520 - Saloon & Estate

Mercedes Specialist Products Division at Brooklands has revealed the Mercedes C63 AMG DR 520, with 60 extra horses, Performance Pack and Matt wrap.

The first thing that springs to mind when you drive a Mercedes C63 AMG is not usually ‘It could do with a bit more power’. But of course, a bit more power is always nice even when you’ve already got plenty. Just so long as it’s usable. So with that caveat – as long as it’s usable – we welcome a beefier C63 AMG in the guise of the Mercedes C63 AMG DR 520.

Basically, the Mercedes Specialist Products Division based at Mercedes Benz World at  Brooklands has had a tweak to add some power to the bog standard C63 AMG to give us the DR 520. It doesn’t add up in English – and we think there may be some confusion between bhp, hp and PS in there somewhere – but the 520 bit refers to hp – an extra 60hp over standard. Whatever the numbers it means a blisteringly fast C Class.

The C Class DR 520 manages 0-62 mph in 4.1 seconds, and the Estate just a tad behind. That means that in real money the DR 520 breaks the 60mph sprint in under 4 seconds – and the Estate probably does too. They both blat on to 187mph. There’s also a beefed up version of the AMG Performance Pack Plus fitted plus carbon fibre spoiler and revised crankshaft.

The DR 520 – which comes in either a matt black or matta white wrap – is UK only and there will be just 20 made. Nigel Unsworth, Specialist Products Division Manager said:

“We wanted to launch the Specialist Products Division with something unique – and the DR 520 fits the bill perfectly. Mercedes-Benz World is located at Brooklands, and there’s a proud history of ‘Brooklands Specials’ being sold here over the years. The DR 520 – which is dyno-rated at 520 hp – is our chance to create an exclusive model in the UK. It’s a great opportunity for us to offer our customers who enjoy sports and supercars a bespoke car with even more performance than the already very successful C 63 AMG. And as well as the increased performance, it looks incredible, too.”

The DR 520 costs £9,995 above the standard C 63 AMG price, making the DR 520 Saloon £62,430 and the Estate £63,680.

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