Nissan Qashqai 2010 – First photos UPDATE: Models and Prices

The Facelifted 2010 Nissan Qashqai

The Facelifted 2010 Nissan Qashqai

Nissan has now released photos of the 2010 Qashqai facelift with a new nose, LED lights and improved interior.

Updated at the bottom with full Price and model detail for 2010.

Last month we revealed that the 2010 facelift for the Nissan Qashqai was actually running ahead of the original plan, and instead of a Summer launch  as we first thought, Nissan now plans to have the 2010 Qashqai on the roads in March.

We reckoned that Nissan would release first details on the facelifted Qashqai early this month, so we’re pleased to see that we were bang on the money with the first pictures of the 2010 Qashqai dropping in to our inbox this morning.

Most noticeable of the changes – as you would expect from the camouflaged shots we saw earlier – is to the Qashqai’s nose. The whole front end gets a cosmetic workover for a much more aggressive visage. The back end gets LED lights and there are some new 17″ Alloys plus a  couple of new colour options. The suspension has also had a tweak to improve handling.

Nissan are obviously going to drag the changes to the Qashqai out over a few days/weeks, as we don’t have pictures of the interior yet (apart from the instrument panel). However, we know that the Qashqai will have upgraded trim and a new instrument panel with an LCD screen. Nissan have also been working on making the Qashqai’s cabin a quieter place to be.

Engine options are to remain unchanged, although there will be an ECO Qashqai – powered by the 1.5 litre Turbo diesel – which will get the usual Eco-tweaks such as low rolling resistance tyres, lower suspension, longer gearing, irritating gear-change light etc.

As we said before, the 2010 Qashqai will hit the roads in March. And we’ll no doubt have another update soon when Nissan decides to let us have pictures of the interior.

Full details in the 2010 Nissan Qashqai Press Release.

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2010 Nissan Qashqai Price and Model Detail

Grade Engine Transmission Qashqai price OTR (£) Qashqai+2 price OTR (£)
Visia 1.6 petrol 2WD Man 15,395 16,695
Visia 2.0 petrol 2WD Man 16,945 18,245
Visia 2.0 petrol 2WD CVT 18,145
Visia 1.5 dCi 2WD Man 16,895 18,195
Visia 2.0 dCi 2WD Man 18,445 19,745
Visia Puredrive 129g 1.5 dCi 2WD Man 16,795
Acenta 1.6 petrol 2WD Man 16,995 18,695
Acenta 2.0 petrol 2WD Man 18,545 20,245
Acenta 2.0 petrol 2WD CVT 19,745
Acenta 1.5 dCi 2WD Man 18,495 20,195
Acenta 2.0 dCi 2WD Man 20,045 21,745
n-tec 1.6 petrol 2WD Man 18,395 19,495
n-tec 2.0 petrol 2WD Man 19,945 21,045
n-tec 2.0 petrol 2WD CVT 21,145
n-tec 1.5 dCi 2WD Man 19,895 20,995
n-tec 2.0 dCi 2WD Man 21,445 22,545
n-tec 2.0 petrol 4WD CVT 22,645 23,745
n-tec 2.0 dCi 4WD Man 22,945 24,045
n-tec 2.0 dCi 4WD Auto 24,145 25,245
n-tec 1.6 petrol 2WD Man 18,795 19,895
n-tec 2.0 petrol 2WD Man 20,345 21,445
n-tec 2.0 petrol 2WD CVT 21,545
n-tec 1.5 dCi 2WD Man 20,295 21,395
n-tec 2.0 dCi 2WD Man 21,845 22,945
n-tec 2.0 petrol 4WD CVT 23,045 24,145
n-tec 2.0 dCi 4WD Man 23,345 24,445
n-tec 2.0 dCi 4WD Auto 24,545 25,645
Tekna 1.6 petrol 2WD Man 19,995 21,095
Tekna 2.0 petrol 2WD Man 21,545 22,645
Tekna 2.0 petrol 2WD CVT 22,745
Tekna 1.5 dCi 2WD Man 21,495 22,595
Tekna 2.0 dCi 2WD Man 23,045 24,145
Tekna 2.0 petrol 4WD CVT 24,245 25,345
Tekna 2.0 dCi 4WD Man 24,545 25,645
Tekna 2.0 dCi 4WD Auto 25,745 26,845

2010 Nissan Qashqai Photo Gallery

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  1. john crowley says

    i ordered my tekna 2.0dci on the 4th-4th-2011 on motability.the sales lady said i should get it on time by the 4th of july,but it might be a few days late.what i have been hearing is it can take up to 9 months to get my car if that is the case i will cancil my order and go to ford who can deliver on time,

  2. burt bloggs says

    i order the new qashqai in may and was told delivery would be in spetemeber. then the sale’s guy called and told me october the 8th then he called and told the 4th. so i waited until the 7th and called him and asked where the car is “ive got no idea whether it has even been delivered to us i will check call you back in 1/2 hour” 2 1/2 hours later he replies and it has not been delivered to the garage it will be in on the 9th. today is the 14th and i still have not heard anything. i know the are busy at the factory but customer service is terrible.

  3. Bahman Qashqai says

    It sounds very strange to me .I would like to know where did
    you find the word QASHQAI .It’s my surname.Qashqai is a
    name for a tribe in Iran .The spoken language in this tribe
    is Turkish. Thanks From Iran Bahman QASHQAI

  4. Moholo RJ says

    From the 1st time i saw nissan qashqai, i never thought of any better car. I like its features, most of all the external appearance

    • CarsUK says

      The UK website for Nissan is easy – Nissan UK Website – but we don’t think there’s an online translator for English to Farsi. However, you can try pasting the web site address in to Google Translate and get it in to another language you’re more familiar with – perhaps Arabic?

  5. ahmad says

    please i need good information from qashqayi nissan for iranian peaple.can you help to me>
    i like translate to iranian language.

  6. phil hughes says

    I saw one in Bath last week .I liked the mild facelift & interior improvments Good to know it is made here A good effort ! Phil

  7. Eck says

    just ordered a new n-tec, what a difference to the old model. fuel and temp gauge are part of the speedo and rev counter dial. New seat trims, alloy pedals, it actually feels higher up. Have a 2007 Acenta, so looking forward to my new arrival in April.

  8. hori says

    hey so i have a qashqai but the first model is vrey cool :-bd but the new model is not so diferent they modified the lights and the grill from the engine its not a big modification but it looks good i realy LOVE IT it a dream car

  9. CarsUK says

    Any new model will affect values on the old model. But the old model is, and we believe will remain, in demand. Just use the ‘New Model’ issue to get a better price for your new Qashqai. Or perhaps ask for comparisons on a PCP / Contract Hire deal on a new one? You may be surprised how little difference there is. We’ve seen Contract Hire deals on a new Visio from around £200pm.

  10. Sophie H says

    Do you know what this will do to the used market price on the current shape? Was just about to purchase an 09 visia, but now not so sure?

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