Tesla London opens

Tesla has opened a Flagship Showroom in London's Kensington

Tesla has opened a Flagship Showroom in London's Kensington

As we reported quite recently, Tesla are planning an expansion in their European facilities as the first Tesla cars start to arrive, and have now opened their Flagship European Showroom in London.

Located in Cheval Place in Kensington, which is round the corner from Harrods and with easy access to Heathrow (depending on the time of day and the traffic!), the new Tesla Showroom will be supplemented by Sales & Service Centres in Monaco, Munich and Zurich.

The first Tesla Roadsters are due to be delivered to the UK this Summer – all of which will be the Tesla Roadster Signature Edition. However, if you don’t need to be an early adopter, you will be able to take delivery of a RHD Tesla Roadster from 2010.

In addition to the Tesla Roadster, Tesla are also taking orders for the new Tesla Model S Saloon, which now looks a bit more promising. We had considered the Tesla Model S to be a bit of a fantasy when it launched, but the news that Mercedes has taken a 10% stake in Tesla, and that Tesla now has US Government loans to produce the Model S, make it look much more positive.

The Tesla Roadster costs around £94,000 in the UK, and the pitch price for the Tesla Model S is going to be around £60,000. Not cheap (although it is still hard to see how Tesla can bring the Model S in at the price they’re quoting), but the Teslas do offer great performance and a great range for an electric car.

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