Are these the specs for the new Ferrari F150 / F70 / New Enzo?

We’ve been sent what purport to be more detailed specifications of the new Ferrari Enzo (or F150 or F70) by a 599XX owner.

Spy photo of camouflaged Ferrari F150

The new Ferrari F150 (the new Enzo) should arrive officially at the Geneva Motor Show in March, all ready to take on the new McLaren P1.

So far, Ferrari has given us minimal detail on their new supercar, but they have revealed a teaser photo of the F150 and trickled bits of detail ahead of the debut.

Now, we’ve been sent details of some of the F150’s specifications by a Ferrari 599XX owner, which are either a lot of guesswork cobbled together or have come from Ferrari.

What he does say is that the Ferrari F150 will definitely arrive at the Geneva Motor Show for its public debut (although he thinks we’ll get all the detail in February) and will come complete with the V12 from the F12 but with 800bhp, plus and electric motor with an additional 120bhp for a total of 920bhp. There will be 499 F150s built.

The Ferrari F150 will weigh in at 1255kg (Kerb weight 1365kg) and will be able to get to 62mph in 2.5 seconds, 124mph in 7.5 seconds and can get round Ferrari’s Fiorano track in just 1m20s and have a top speed of 236mph.

Despite the improved performance over the Enzo, the F150 – thanks to its hybrid power – will have emissions of just 240g/km, which would suggest official economy of around 28mpg (not that owners will care much).

The first of the new Ferrari F150s are scheduled to arrive with their owners before the end of 2013.

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