BMW M7 – won’t happen

The BMW 7 Series with M-Sports PAck is the closest you'll get to a BMW M7

The BMW 7 Series with M-Sports Pack is the closest you'll get to a BMW M7

There were recently spy shots floating around of what the peddlers claimed to be the new BMW M7. But we didn’t run them because we weren’t convinced that was what they were. As things turned out, they were in fact pictures of the M-Sports Pack for the BMW 7 Series – a raft of pretty decent ‘M’ upgrades – but no power changes.

And now has come confirmation from BMW themselves that an M7 is not in the works and never likely to happen. BMW say that the V12 760i offers a strong enough performance model for the 7 Series range, and that adding a dedicated M7 would attract such a small number of buyers that it would be too expensive to do.

Which does makes sense. After all, you can stick an M-Sports Pack on to the new 760 and have a pretty hot uber-saloon that’s stiffer and sportier than the standard offering, but also manages the 0-60 sprint in 4.5 seconds. You couldn’t expect a lot better from a dedicated BMW M7.

But, just to throw a spanner in the works, we’ve been here before with BMW. When they first launched the SUV/SAV that is the BMW X5, BMW proclaimed that there would never be an M Version. But as we all know, BMW launched the BMW X6M and the BMW X5M just a few months ago. And very good they are too.

But, at least for now, there will be no BMW M7.

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  1. Jarrod Nash says

    OK, thanks. The dealer was not an Alpina dealer, just a “standard” BMW dealer.

    I guess it’s their loss, if there is no M7 then as I’m set to wait until next year now, I’ll wait to see what the new XJ is like!

    Looks like they shot themselves in the foot big style!

  2. Jarrod Nash says

    I think the dealer was unlikely to say this in light of the fact I was looking a buying a 7 Series M-Sport.

    By saying that the M7 was on the way he effectively killed the sale of the M-Sport 7 I was going to buy – surely the dealer would not have killed this sale if the M7 was not going to appear next year?

    • CarsUK says

      I must admit it would be a big shot in the foot by the dealer if he managed to lose a sale on an M-Sport if he wasn’t sure of his facts. But we’ll speak to BMW on this and let you know.

    • CarsUK says

      We’ve managed to have a conversation with BMW on this, and they are categoric. There will be no M7. Period. But it does seem odd behaviour from your local BMW dealer. He wouldn’t be an Alpina dealer looking to put you in a very exotic 7 Series by any chance?

    • CarsUK says

      Our info is that there won’t be an M7. It is possible the dealer know something we don’t, but it’s quite unlikely. However, as we said in the article, you can’t rule anything out with BMW. They stated categorically there would never be ‘M’ versions of the X5 or X6!

      • CarsUK says

        We did speak to BMW on the M7 – as you can see from our reply to the comment below – and they state categorically that there will not be a BMW M7.

        And it wouldn’t be all that hard to get an M7 badge to stick on the back of a 7 Series with the M-Pack. Which could well be what you saw.

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