Peugeot 107 Recall: Peugeot responds to criticisms

The Peugeot 107 Recall

Peugeot 107 Recall - Peugeot responds to critcisms

Peugeot has responded to the concerns of Cars UK readers over the responses and information available on the 107 recall.

This last week we’ve felt more like Watchdog than Cars UK. The seemingly endless stories on the Toyota Recall, the Peugeot 107 Recall and the Citroen C1 Recall – never mind the Mercedes Injector problems – has meant we’ve spent a lot of time trying to answer the concerns of Cars UK readers and speaking to car makers about the way they are handling the problems.

This morning we had a couple of comments left on the story – and emails – about the 107 recall which concerned us, so we thought it best to get a response from Peugeot on it. One reader wrote: “I phoned Peugeot Customer Care on 0845 200 1234 and they were “unaware” of any Peugeots that are affected by this recall problem, and “its been blown up out of all proportion if there is a problem we will be in touch in 2 to 3 weeks”.

Which isn’t a great response for an understanably concerned owner. But to be fair to Peugeot they responded promptly to us asking them to comment on our reader’s experience saying:

I have reviewed your comments with our Customer Care Manager and they are going to re-brief all the Call Centre staff regarding the recall information.

All staff have already been briefed with as much available information as we currently have and as new information is made available this is automatically communicated to them.

Which is a decent response. Peugeot also told us that as soon as Toyota get them VIN# information on affected cars (Toyota build the 107 on the same line as the Aygo) they would follow Toyota’s lead and put a VIN checker on their website for owners to check if their car is affected (extract thy digit, Toyota).

Peugeot also asked us to re-iterate the information we’ve already reported on the 107s affected, which we’re happy to do:

We have only 6667 107s affected by the recall.

The only models affected are Peugeot 107 Models manufactured between January 2005 and August 2009 that have a semi-automatic gearbox (2-Tronic)or have the ESP option with a manual gearbox.

All other 107 models are NOT affected, as they do not use an electronic accelerator pedal, but a conventional accelerator pedal and a throttle cable.

Decent, prompt response from Peugeot.

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  1. Susan Rudd says

    Hi, This is the second clutch i have had on my Peugot 107, the first went 8 months after i bought the car brand new. I will Never buy another one of these cars!!! the company know there is a problem with the clutches! and its about time somebody took them too task!! if we new the number of complaints! i think we should set up a page on facebook, to get a idea off thousands of customers who have had new clutches! & Not let this company get away with shoddy workmanship!!!!

  2. M.Newell says

    Just had new clutch and oils seals in gearbox replaced on Peugeot107 semi-automatic 2-trionic,
    £1,150.00 Its only done 22,000 miles Peugeot customer services are not interested!
    An absolute disgrace.!!!

    • Dee faulkner-White says

      My 22 yr old daughters 107 went into Gates of Brockenhurst on Friday 3rd Jan for its 1st service came out in the afternoon and she commented it felt odd!! Not happy with how it drove over weekend so took it back to complain and they said clutch had gone and it’s £675 ish to fix. Not covered under any warranty as clutch only valid for 6 mths or 6000 miles. Are they having a laugh. The whole idea of the just add fuel deal was so that she didn’t have any expensive bills like she did when she used to drive old bangers that would break down every couple of months and be a money pit to run!!

      Peugeot aren’t interested and the garage mechanics are who did the service are denying anything is their fault and being very unhelpful!!!!

      What a con. Won’t be leaving this be.

    • angela boyle says

      yes same hear 107 with 1800 miles clutch has gone and garage say its not cover by warranty what a load of shit its just had a service and this has went cowboys

  3. Mr D Whittey says

    This is for Cilla 6/1/11 My wife has a leaky 107 (56 plate) so you are not alone

    We’ve tried our local body shop without a lot of luck so I’ve emailed Peugot to see if they can help. I’ll also be calling their customer service.


  4. Cilla says

    I agree their Customer services need some customer services training, so rude and up their own arses!!! Arent customer services meant to listen without talking down to us and interupting us

  5. Cilla says

    Peugeot 107 56 Plate, How many people have the issue where the 3 door version has water leaking in from the back so all the back seats are wet and the boot gets filled with water in rain?

  6. upkar singh saggoo says

    I bought my 107 in 2007, from first week i had a experience with clutch. Whenever i contact dealer their only answer was ” this is just basic car what you can expect from it”. within warranty time they replaced my clutch and charged me £530.00. When i contacted customer relation team they did not want to listen with all sort of attitudes.

  7. Bev Orrow says

    When I first heard on the news about the recall of some Peugeot 107s in January I telephoned Peugeot customer care to enquire as to whether my vehicle was one of those affected and was assured it definitely wasn’t. However this week I received the recall letter advising me it was and I have now arranged for the work to be carried out at my local dealer who I must say are fully aware of the problem, although they can’t fit me in until the end of next week.

    I only purchased the vehicle in September 2009. There have been at least 3 occasions since then when the pedal did stick but being a new driver, having only passed my driving test in December, each time I assumed the error was mine. Twice it happened at busy junctions and only quick thinking prevented nasty accidents. Another time was when parking and luckily there was grass verge in front of me and I managed to stop before hitting a stone wall.

  8. karin price says

    i am also a 107 owner and whilst i am very worried about the faulty accelerators, i feel i should warn other potential buyers of the gearbox problems. my car is 4 years old and i have just had my third gear box installed.

  9. Marcus Sangster says

    My father-in-law has a new 107 automatic of the kind that has been having the problem. He has called the dealer today to ask if his car is affected and they say that they don’t know anything about any recall. So Peugeot customer care seem to be telling porkies – a good response to the media but no actual follow-up.

    A few years ago there was a Peugeot recall of 405s affected by a servo problem. I took the car to a dealer in Stafford but they sent me away. A few days later the brakes failed. In my experience Peugeot care little about customer safety and care a lot about marketing.

  10. john rogers says

    i bought a 107 auto march 08 and before christmas my wife said the accelorater was sticking after about 20-30 mins of driving it, se we booked it in and they said there was nothing wrong with it, the problem never went away so we booked it in again to a differant dealer ship (peugeot)
    and they said yes we had one like this yesterday and we sprayed wd40 and that worked, but when they checked they cant find nothing wrong, then 2 weeks later peugeot are phoning me to recall my car for accelorater issues they wont give me a courtosy car whilest it is being repaired i wont buy another peugeot again.

  11. Ray Gatt says

    I have a Peugeot 107 bought in Malta in September 2008. It is Diesel. I am very worried about this matter of the gas pedals. I am a driving instructor so I am more worried since I have to use this car more frequently. Kindly can you help me as soon as possible and tell me what I must do in order that my car is safe for me and my students.Can you please tell me where to find the VIN number?

    Yours truly

    Ray Gatt

    • CarsUK says

      In the UK the VIN # is on the registration document. In Malta I’m afraid we don’t know. The only sensible thing to do is call your Peugeot dealer and get them to tell you if your car is affected. The VIN# is also on a plate on the car – not sure where on the 107 but try looking from the outside of the car at the bottom of the windscreen.

      • mark says

        it does’nt matter where your car was built / bought or imported, the vin# is always in the same place as it is a matter of legality that it has to be able to be seen by a traffic offcer and also dvla and other associates throughout europe, failing this you could try looking in your handbook which came with the car or just simply get out the registration document for the car as it is all printed on there. no dealer can legally give you the vin number as you may be asking about any car to obtain the information to clone it, think about it people it’s not rocket science. I apologise if this comes across as being rude, but if you can’t find a way to identify your own vehicle then maybe you should use public transport, i am shocked to hear that a driving instructor can’t find the vin plate.

  12. Roger Dann says

    Why can’t Peugout do as Toyota and get owners/drivers to rnter their registration No. in and get an immediate answer?

    • CarsUK says

      That’s the plan, but when we spoke to them the other day about it Toyota hadn’t managed to give them the VIN#s of the cars arffected (the 107 and C1 are made by Toyota). So I guess they’ll get round to it once they have time. Probably.

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