Spyker planning four door coupe saloon – E8/E12?

Spyker E8 - a four-door saloon/coupe - will be Spykers next model

Spyker E8 - a four-door saloon/coupe - will be Spyker's next model

Bit of a Spyker week this week. Their injection of funding recently is certainly starting to have an impact. Spyker are on the up.

We told you a week ago that Spyker is dropping the D12 in favour of the D8, and had that confirmed by Spyker a few days later. We also told you that we had been told that the V8 in the Peking Paris would be a supercharged lump that produced in excess of 550bhp. Well, according to Spyker Boss Victor Muller, the SSUV that is the D8 will get an engine with 560bhp, and there are plans for a 700bhp version as well. Sounds good to us (and nice to be right!).

But the news today is that it would seem Spyker are now commited to going forward with a four-door coupe style saloon – think Porsche Panamera/Aston Martin Rapide/Maserati Quattroporte. According to Muller:

“The C-Line (as in Aileron) is for Sports Cars, the D-Line is for SSUV (Super Sports Utility Vehicles i.e. the D8) and E-Line is QuattroPorte like vehicles.”

Which makes it pretty clear what Spyker’s next project will be. But as it will have taken four years from seeing the early D12 concept to the D8 arriving in showrooms, I don’t think we are likely to see the Spyker E8 or Spyker E12 anytime soon. It also seems pretty unlikely that Spyker sees Maserati as its competition in the four-door market. I thinks it’s likely to be aiming a bit higher up the price scale.

Top end Panameras or Aston Martin Rapides, perhaps?

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