Citroen Metropolis – the Citroen DS6?

The Citroen Metropolis Concept

The Citroen Metropolis Concept - the Citroen DS6?

Citroen has produced a top-end concept – the Citroen Metropolis – with a 460bhp hybrid powertrain which could be the first sight of the Citroen DS6.

We’ve seen Citroen rediscover their Mojo of late. Their style and confidence has returned as they aim to reposition themselves as the luxury bit of PSA, leaving the sporty bit to Peugeot. We’ve seen the DS3 turn up as a credible Gallic alternative to the MINI and we will see the Citroen DS4 and DS5 before too long. But no sign of a Citroen DS6. Perhaps until now.

We’ve had pictures drop in this morning of what Citroen are calling the Citroen Metropolis Concept. Designed by Citroen in Shangai it’s a top-end luxury car designed to sit at the top of the Citroen range. It features the design cues we’re seeing in Citroen’s latest models and a nose that is a slightly reworked version of the Hypnos concept (which will become the Citroen DS5). But it’s the size that’s the shock.

The Citroen Metropolis is 5.3m long (17’4″). That’s longer than a Mercedes S Class, LWB Jaguar XJ or even the new Audi A8 L. It’s also 2m wide (6’7″) which puts it up with the Maybach. So Citroen certainly aren’t messing around with the Metropolis/DS6 and seem intent on producing a ‘Merchant Banker’ car – at least for the Chinese market. After all, this Citroen is designed there and China loves big cars. And Citroens.

Under the bonnet is a hybrid setup with a 2.0 litre V6 petrol and an electric motor which can between them produce up to 460bhp which is delivered through a seven-speed dual clutch ‘box to all four wheels. Citroen also say that the Metropolis will emit just 70g/km of CO2.

The powertrain figures may be a bit wish-list, but the car is real enough. Real enough for Citroen to plan on showing it at next month’s Shanghai Expo and real enough for us to think this is trailing the real Citroen DS for the 21st century, the Citroen DS6.

And not just for China.

Citroen Metropolis Photo Gallery

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  1. CJ says

    The Metropolis concept will actually become the DS9 not DS6 and it will be mainly marketed in China, Citroen are still unsure as to whether the huge DS9 will be produced for Europe yet.

    Hopefully they will see sense though and market it here too, this car is just too awesome not to have on European roads!

    If Citroen are to produce a DS6 i’d expect this to come in a more sportier and sleek Coupe/Cabrio style like the C5 Airscape or a hybrid coupe in the form of the Survolt.

    Citroen could pretty much release many DS cars using the DNA of there many fabulous concepts of the last decade. They are capable of doing this, the question is.. WILL THEY?

    Imagine a DS12 in the shape of the GTbyCitroen! Need I say more..

  2. Nyal Purcell says

    The burning question – does it have hydropneumatic suspension?

    We wanted them to remake the 2Cv – but they never did!
    (No guys, your C3 spinoff was nothing like it – sorry!

    At least they remade the CX …with the C6.

    But every Citroenian is waiting with baited breath for a remake of the big D.
    Complete with super-smooth ride & armchair comfort.
    Forget anti-retro …we want Ds retro – ‘coz the first lot rusted away!

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