September 2, 2014

Audi S1 & S1 Sportback revealed with 228bhp (+video)

Photo Audi S1 Sportback

The Audi S1 Quattro has been revealed as a 228bhp pocket rocket with a six-speed manual ‘box, as a three-door or five-door Sportback. Audi has been threatening a quattro driven A 1 as a full production model ever since the limited edition A1 Quattro arrived two years ago with 252bhp and a very big price […]

Audi A1 quattro snow ballet (video)

Audi A1 quattro driving on snow

After the news yesterday that the Audi A1 quattro will cost an enormous £41k, we though video of the A1 quattro in action might help. Yes, the Audi A1 quattro costs a ridiculous amount of money by any sane standards, but set aside your head and look at it with your heart, and it’s an […]

Audi A1 quattro costs £41,020

White Audi A1 quattro on snow

The Audi A1 quattro Limited Edition has been confirmed for the UK – although in LHD – with just 19 cars coming to the UK priced at £41,020. When the Limited Edition Audi A1 quattro was revealed just before Christmas, we did warn you that it would probably cost in the region of £30 when […]

Audi A1 quattro with 252bhp revealed

Audi A1 quattro

Audi has unveiled a limited edition Audi A1 quattro with 4WD and 252bhp. Just 333 to be built and probably no RHD versions. You may thinks the A1 quattro revealed this morning by Audi should really be the S1. It would make sense. After all, this very hot hatch musters 252bhp thanks to the same […]

Audi A1 Sportback Five-Door: Price & specs UK

Audi A1 Sportback Five-Door Price

Last week saw the reveal of the five-door Audi A1 Sportback, and Audi has now revealed full pricing details for the new A1 for the UK. Last week Audi revealed the new addition to the A1 family – the five-door A1 Sportback – with an extra set of doors and just the tiniest bit of […]

New Audi A1 Sportback: The Five-Door A1 arrives for 2012

New Audi A1 Sportback (2012) 5 Door

Almost two years on from the launch of the three-door A1, Audi reveal the five-door version – The Audi A1 Sportback. With almost two years of sales of the ‘Only Premium Car in its Class’ (Audi’s assertion), Audi has revealed the more practical version of its smallest car – the five-door Audi A1 Sportback. Visually, the five-door […]

New Audi A1 Black Edition and Contrast Edition & 143PS 2.0-litre TDI engine

New Audi A1 Black Edition & A1 Contrast Edition

Audi has revealed the A1 Black Edition and A1 Contrast Edition plus a new 143PS 2.0-litre TDI engine option. It was always obvious from the start when Audi launched the A1 that they intended to go the MINI route and offer as many options and limited editions as they could muster. So the launch of […]

Audi A1 1.6 TDI nips below 100g/km Co2

Audi A1 1.6 TDI 99g/km

Audi has tweaked the A1 1.6 TDI to improve its economy by 5 per cent and reduce it’s Co2 emissions to 99g/km. The price remains the same. It’s of no use whatsoever for anything that actually matters, but getting below 100g/km Co2 is a big marketing deal for any car maker. Which is why Audi has been busy tweaking […]

Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro with 496bhp at Worthersee

496bhp Audi A1 Clubsport quattro with the engine from the TT-RS at Worthersee Tour

Audi is taking the Audi A1 Clubsport quattro to this year’s Worthersee Tour, which features 496bhp and the oily bits from the TT-RS It’s Wörthersee Tour 2011 time – heaven on earth for VW Group nutters – and this year Audi has put together a very warm A1 with 496bhp – the Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro […]

Audi A1 1.4 TFSI S-Line Price & Spec

Audi reveals the Audi A1 1.4 TFSI S-Line for the UK. Available only in S-Line trim the Audi A1 1.4 TFSI will cost from £20,705 Audi’s most powerful version of the ‘Only Premium Car in its Sector‘ is the Audi A1 1.4 TFSI, which we saw revealed at Paris back in September. And now its ready […]

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