Climate Change & Cars: The Debate

Cars UK are trying to open up the debate on cars and climate change

In an effort to open up a debate on Climate Change / Global Warming and the role of cars, we’re inviting readers to submit their argument for publication.

The headline is something of a misnomer. There is precious little debate on the effect that car use is having on the Global Warming issue. You may well say – as many do – that there is no argument or debate and that the issue is clear – cars are causing climate change. But we’re not so sure.

It has become received wisdom in recent years that man-made pollutants – and in particular CO2 – are to blame for the climate change the planet seems to be experiencing. But just because the majority believe something doesn’t make it a fact. But there seems to be no forum to debate both sides of this issue. So we’re trying to open one up.

Cars UK isn’t huge, but we do have a few hundred thousand readers a month. All our readers are interested in cars or they wouldn’t be here. Many are petrol-heads through and through but many others are here looking for information on their next new car. And with buyers moving in to ‘Eco’ cars in droves it seems clear we will have a good cross-section of views.

We’re inviting readers to submit an argument on either side which – if it’s well argued – we will publish. Everyone will have the opportunity to comment on that articles we publish and hopefully we will get something more than a ‘Preacher’s Rant’ from those who feel strongly on the subject of climate change. In particular we are looking for well-argued points of view from those with a background – academic or otherwise – that adds credence to their arguments.

We would also welcome arguments from those in the public eye who have a view one way or another. In today’s society much credence is given to the opinions of the ‘Famous’ and those opinions get far wider publicity, which will help to open up the debate. But we are aware that being a climate change denier (even just a man-made climate change denier) is to some akin to being a holocaust denier. So we have no real expectation of anyone with a public profile standing up and airing their views in public unless they are climate change believers. But we live in hope.

If you have an opinion on this debate please send it to us by email to (replace the AT with @ – we’ve done it this way to stop spam bots harvesting the address). Tell us what you feel on the subject of cars and climate change and we will – if the argument is well made – publish it and give you a credit.

How many articles will we get? Who knows. It could be a handful, it could be hundreds. We could conceivably get none at all. But we want to try to open this up. Our lives are being controlled – and charged – based on the assumption that CO2 is harmful. That is a frightening thought, especially if the man-made global warming theory eventually transpires to be wrong.

We look forward to receiving your thoughts, and your comments.

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  1. Klem says

    Cars do not affect the climate. This is a fact that has been shown time and again. Cars pollute the air but the do not have any effect on climate. There are some people who say that CO2 must be controlled to save the world’s climate, but they are now in a minority and that minority is shrinking fast. Even the sceintists who have made these outlandish claims in the past are now jumping from the sinking Climate Change ship. There is no debate here.

    However the pollutants from the exhaust of cars needs to be reduced (to zero if possible). And NOT through the use of electric cars, all these cars do is shift the exhaust emmisions from their own pipe to the coal fired power plant in the next county. This does almost nothing to reduce pollutants; it may even make it worse, since cars have catalytic converters and coal fired power plants have none. I beleive exhaust pollutants can be reduced further through more advanced catalytic converters on cars, plus huge ones placed on the smoke stacks of Power plants. These would be expensive to install, but only a fraction of the cost of the Cap&Trade lunacy.

    So, buy cars. Buy cars with reciprocating engines. Demand better and better gas mileage, don’t be satisfied with only 50 miles to the gallon. Demand less and less pollutants from the tail pipe. Demand that fossil fuel powered power plants have catalytic converters on their smoke stacks. And dump cap&trade.

    • CarsUK says

      We could have written this ourselves!

      But we would love to hear from anyone with opposing views as well, particularly if you want to say a little more so we can run it as an article instead of a comment.

    • Ade Greenwood says

      I’m surprised at your comments Klem.
      I agree with some – certainly don’t be staisfied with 50mpg – go for the 70mpg cars.
      However it IS good to go for electric cars, or at least for the market to be moving in that direcion.
      Yes, if the electricity is generated the “wrong” way then an electric car is not much better than an ICE car, but it IS better.
      If the electricity is generated sustainably then it is MUCH better – you say “the coal fired power station in the next county” – do you actually know the % of coal fired power stations in the UK?
      when you run your diesel or petrol engine, some energy is lost as waste heat – 75%!
      With an electric vehicle this is virtualy eliminated.
      And your claim about cars not affecting the environment is totally ridiculous, and the claim that it has been “proven time and time again” is also highly questionable.
      Anyway, lets assume for one moment that you’ve been brainwashed by Clarkson, Hammond et al and agree with Klem, the fact remains what ARE you going to burn in your engine?
      The oil is running out, and fast, and consumption is increasing, year on year. If you think we can produce enough bio-fuels you’re in cloud cuckooo land.

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