CAR prangs Ferrari FF

Ferrari FF pranged

CAR Magazine reporter Jethro Bovindon ran out of talent whilst testing a new Ferrari FF in Italy and managed to write-off a couple of alloys. Whoops. It’s happened to us all on a car review, but not necessarily whilst piloting a £230k Ferrari FF. Ferrari has been hosting a playday in Italy for print media […]

Ferrari FF: Lust on a mountain top

Ferrari FF Helicopter

Ferrari has enlisted the Italian Air Fore to helicopter a Ferrari FF up a mountain at the ski resort of Plan De Corones ahead of press drives. Ferrari are taking no chances on the Ferrari FF disappearing from view in the mass of launches and endless four wheeled objects of desire doing the rounds with the […]

Ferrari FF: 4WD explained +video

Ferrari FF 4WD

Ferrari has created a video to explain how clever, how light and how efficient the new 4WD system is on the Ferrari FF. We’re still trying to agree on which car was the star of the show at Geneva 2011. But whatever we eventually settle on – if we ever do – the Ferrari FF […]

Ferrari FF: Geneva FF debut and first FF interiors

Ferrari FF Geneva

The Ferrari FF – Ferrari’s 4WD replacement for the 612 – makes its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show. We’ve had plenty to say about the Ferrari FF, Ferrari’s controversially-styled replacement for the 612 Scaglietti. The jury seems to be out on its design, with as many dissenters of the new Ferrari direction as applauders. […]

Ferrari FF: The Official Video

Ferrari FF Official Video

We have official video of the new Ferrari FF ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week. Ferrari has managed to drag out the debut of the Ferrari FF despite its official reveal not being until Geneva next week. Not that we’d have expected anything less from a car which is – at least […]

Ferrari FF: The Husky Sledging Turk Video

Ferrari FF Pyrenees Video

A Husky-Sledging Turk appears to have caught the Ferrari FF on video high in the Pyrenees doing winter testing. Serendipity or Ferrari PR. There you are, minding your own business, high in the Pyrenees with your pack of photogenic Huskies and a sled, when what do you come across but Ferrari’s latest toy – the […]

Ferrari FF: The Video

The Ferrari FF Video

We have video of the Ferrari FF being tested and developed. Big focus on its snow driving ability. Perhaps we should call the Ferrari FF the Ferrari SUV? Yesterday saw the first details of the replacement for the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti surface. We’d heard rumours – all revolving round a Shooting Brake Concept – but […]